April 7, 2015 | News

Firm awarded over $218,000 in attorney's fees and costs for defeating promoter's claims concerning A-list R&B singer's cancelled concert appearance in Dallas

Jonathan D. Davis, P.C. represented an A-list R&B singer and her furnishing company in a lawsuit brought by a concert promoter in New York federal court to recover alleged damages arising from a cancelled concert in Dallas. Defendants moved for summary judgment. The furnishing company was awarded $105,000 on its counterclaim, representing the amount owed under the concert agreement, and leave to submit its application for attorney's fees and costs based on a contractual provision entitling the prevailing party to such an award. The Court granted the application, awarding the furnishing company over $218,000 based on detailed invoices and declarations, which demonstrated the time and cost expended by defendant. The Court found "the attorneys' hourly rates, time expended, and costs incurred were reasonable."

The Court's decision is available here.