September 9, 2013 | News

Firm secures permanent injunction and damages for A-list singer whose name, image, likeness, and voice were misappropriated

Jonathan D. Davis, P.C., on behalf of an A-list singer, prosecuted an action in the federal court for the Central District of California for violation of the Lanham Act and the common law rights of privacy and publicity against a foreign company and its owners. The lawsuit challenged their use of video footage featuring our client's name, image, likeness, and voice in advertising materials without first obtaining his authorization.

Defendants, who manufacture and distribute a topical anesthetic cream marketed at tattoo enthusiasts, failed to respond to the complaint. Upon defendants' default, the firm obtained a $400,000 default judgment plus attorneys' fees and costs, together with a permanent injunction forbidding the use of our client's name, image, likeness, or voice for any purpose.

The Court's default judgment decision is available here.